Baxter Spectrum IQ

The Spectrum IQ is a large volume pump for both human and veterinary applications. This pump provides rapid, intuitive work-flow using a bright, easy to read color display and on-board digital help screens. Wireless capabilities if used with wireless battery packs.

The Spectrum IQ Infusion System is an intelligent device that simplifies EMR integration through its advanced features. The system incorporates on-screen barcode technology with scan prompts, which helps identify the correct medications associated with the infusing of the IV pump. Offering the broadest range of auto-programming workflows and feature sets to drive consistent compliance. Additionally, the system’s intuitive workflows confirm IV infusion tasks and automatically document infusion data.

Click the link below for the Sigma Spectrum Operator’s manual:

Baxter Spectrum IQ Manuel

  • Clean load point 2
  • Insert Slide Clamp
  • error code 105
  • error code 107

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