ICU Plum 360

ICU Plum 360

The Plum 360 is a versatile infusion pump for hospitals and clinics. It can be used as a standalone pump or as part of a larger system, delivering customized solutions for patients.

Introducing the Plum 360 infusion pump – a versatile and powerful infusion system that can function as a standalone infuser or work seamlessly with ICU Medical MedNet software. With its advanced medication safety software, the Plum pump ensures that patients receive the best care possible, with customized drug libraries that support hospital-defined protocols for various clinical care areas. The Plum pump can communicate with systems on the network via Ethernet or wireless communication using an 802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band radio, making it easy to integrate into your existing healthcare system. Plus, it is fully compatible with Plum Series administration sets and accessories as well as the CLAVE needleless connection systems, providing a convenient and cost-effective infusion system.

Follow the link below for the ICU Plum 360 operator’s manual:


  • Power off and on. Replace pump if alarm continues
  • Cassette calibration required
  • Replace battery
  • Proximal / Distal issues
  • Pump not recognizing the cassette.
  • Software error

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