Hospira Lifecare PCA

Hospira Lifecare PCA

The Lifecare PCA allows clinicians to administer, or patients to self-administer, analgesia safely within clinician programmed limits or hospital designed limits.

Designed specifically to help prevent medication errors that commonly arise in patient-controlled analgesia, the LifeCare PCA pump features an integrated bar code reader and other features to enhance safe delivery. In conjunction with Hospira MedNet software, this next-generation LifeCare PCA system offers an unmatched combination of features for patient-controlled analgesia therapy.

Hospira Lifecare PCA Features:

  • Hospira MedNet Software with customizable drug libraries
  • Integral bar code reader for medication identification of prefilled and custom-filled vials with pharmacy-generated bar codes
  • Multiple medication rule sets for as many as 18 clinical care areas
  • Bar-coded, prefilled medication vials
  • Stored protocols for quick, accurate programming of standing orders
  • Easy-to-use design based on human factors research
  • Confirmation screens to add an extra level of safety
  • Robust wireless capabilities enable remote drug library updates
  • Easy-to-read key pad
  • Dedicated device and unique design – the LifeCare PCA is intentionally designed to stand out from general infusion devices to help reduce the risk of user confusion and line mix-ups
  • Customized drug libraries for up to 18 clinical care areas
  • Up to 25 medications per clinical care area
  • Hard and soft limits for each medication

Follow the link below for the Hospira Lifecare PCA operator’s manual:

Hospira Lifecare PCA operator’s manual

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