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We can Service & Repair Your Pumps

At Adepto Medical, we have an in-house team of certified, biomed technicians who can handle any of your service and repair needs–from routine preventative maintenance to complicated repairs–usually within a week. 

Each pump undergoes rigorous testing by the technicians, ensuring that it is in excellent working order before being returned.

Pump being repaired


  • We service all pumps by doing regular preventative maintenance.
  • We repair or replace clock batteries in CADD Prizms.
  • We repair or replace the mechanisms, boards, cases, and keypads in all pumps.
  • We clean, calibrate, and test every pump.
  • And much more! Contact us for any of your service needs.

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Why is Adepto Medical the Best
Source for Pump Service & Repair?

In-house technicians

  • Our in-house team of biomed technicians are the best in the business.
  • They have certifications from every major manufacturer, and can service and repair any pump reliably and quickly.
  • Our pumps have a 98.75% success rate.
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World-class service

  • Our turnaround is usually less than a week
  • Same-day shipping is available
  • Free UPS shipping label for all preventative maintenance and pump repairs

Convenient process

  • No phone prompts when you call us--instantly speak to a real person.
  • You can easily start the process online then have a rep contact you to pick up where you left off.

We can ship overnight anywhere in the U.S.
for no additional charge!