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KORU FreedomEdge®

The FreedomEdge® offers a compact infusion solution that’s easy to use for smaller or often-repeated doses. The FreedomEdge® is designed to accommodate 20ml and 30ml syringes and is indicated for the infusion of liquid medications.

The KORU FreedomEdge® is a completely portable syringe infusion system that gives you the freedom to infuse anywhere. A wide variety of tubing sets are available to control the flow rate at a constant, safe pressure, without the need for electricity or batteries.

The KORU FreedomEdge® can be used for almost any subcutaneous or intravenous administration in a 20ml or 30ml syringe.

  • Easy to Use
  • No controls
  • Just 3 steps – Load, Close, and Go
  • Completely portable – No batteries or electricity required!
  • No alarms or product maintenance
  • Silent, convenient operation allows comfortable patient experience
  • Ideal for ALL users – small hands, limited dexterity/strength
  • Safety in Mind
  • DynEQ (Dynamic Equilibrium) that automatically responds to increasing pressure (caused by tissue saturation) by slowing down the flow rate during delivery
  • Holds full pressure after infusion is complete to prevent blood return or drug backflow
  • Eliminates:
    • Concerns of a bolus
    • Overflow
    • Overdose or runaway infusion

Follow the link below for the KORU FreedomEdge® operator’s manual:

KORU FreedomEdge® operator’s manual


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