Zevex Infinity


The Zevex EnteraLite Infinity is a rotary peristaltic enteral feeding pump designed to deliver programmed doses of enteral nutrition solutions at selectable rates. It is easy to use with a simple user interface and keypad. Moog technology allows an accuracy rate of +/- 5% and the ability to safely operate in any orientation. The EnteraLite Infinity system includes a complete line of DEHP-free pump delivery sets with automatic free-flow protection.

Patient-ready with a 90-day warranty. Next day shipping is available.


The EnteraLite Infinity is designed for both hospital and alternate care use. It is durable, water resistant, and easily carried in a Moog carry pack. The EnteraLite Infinity’s size, weight, accuracy, and portability promote and support health improving physical activity.

Enteral feeding is considered a medical procedure and following the instructions for use in the Operator Manual is important for the pump to operate normally.

Operator’s Manual