Hospira Plum A+


Plum A Infusion devices are designed to reduce drug administration errors and promote safe and timely delivery of medication. These pumps are capable of delivering fluids directly into the patients blood stream at a rates ranging from .01mL/hr to 999mL/hr. It is the only pump that can deliver simultaneously deliver 2 separate infusions.

Patient-ready with a 90-day warranty. Next day shipping is available.


With more than 325,000 pumps installed worldwide, the Plum A general purpose infusion system remains the proven choice for caregivers and clinicians alike. The scalable platform can be initially deployed, and later upgraded to include Hospira MedNet safety software to meet your evolving patient care needs. The unique, innovative PlumSet cassette technology and time-saving features simplify medication delivery and help to enhance safety for patients, clinicians and caregivers.

  • Deliver infusions with confidence with the unique PlumSet technology
  • Reliable performance, steady, consistent and proven
  • Closed system IV administration of hazardous medications
  • Available with or easy upgrade to Hospira MedNet safety software
  • Reliable pumps that will grow with you over time

Operating Manual

Veterinary Operating Manual