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As your trusted infusion pump partner, Adepto Medical can help you extend your current CADD Prizm pump fleet. We offer infusion pump repairs and rentals.

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Our in-house team of biomedical technicians is certified in providing full-service repairs to your broken infusion pumps. We also offer preventative maintenance in addition to the common repairs below.

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Our CADD Prizm Inventory

Adepto Medical is one of the few infusion pump companies that still carries and offers rentals or repairs for various models of Smiths Medical CADD Prizm pumps.

CADD Prizm 6100

CADD Prizm 6101

CADD Prizm
PCS II - Purple

CADD Prizm
PCS II - Yellow

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Frequently Asked Questions

A long time. The Prizm pump will be around as long as the manufacturer continues to make the IV set. Furthermore, the Prizm takes the exact same IV set as the new CADD Solis pump, which also takes the same exact set as the first CADD’s they made in the 1990’s

Yes, we can service the CADD Prizm pump for the next 5-10 years. You can send pumps in for service using this link: or calling us at 913-261-9933. There’s no evaluation fee.

Yes, we can service the power packs and offer a flat rate repair. Call us at 913-261-9933 for a quote and find out how to send them in for service. 

Yes, we have a large inventory of pumps to get parts from and new parts from the OEM.

Yes, we can change the clock battery for a flat rate that includes a PM. Internal clock batteries will typically last anywhere from 3-5 years. Call us at 913-261-9933 for a quote.

Try using a different manufacturer of 9V batteries, and if the issue still occurs, call us or send it in using this link for a free evaluation:

We stock all sorts of accessories for the Prizm pump. AC adapters, bolus cords, keys, power packs, lockboxes, pole clamps, air in line sensors, and battery doors are available for purchase or free with any pump rentals. Call us at 913-261-9933 and we’ll send you a quote.

We would be interested in buying your CADD Prizm pumps and accessories. Give us a call at 913-261-9933, and someone from the office will be glad to give you a quote. 

Yes, we service over 60 different makes and models of infusion pumps for customers all over the country. We also offer FREE shipping both ways on service.

Yes, we stock a patient-ready shelf full of Prizm pumps that are shipped overnight for FREE. There’s no contracts or account set-up necessary, just call us at 913-261-9933 and we’re happy to help.