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Every day, our team of biomedical technicians fixes broken IV pumps—using parts from our own in-house inventory.  We also perform routine maintenance to make sure that your pumps are 100% operational when you really need them.

We repair and service most types of IV pump including all of the CME pumps.  Once you approve our estimate, we’ll fix your pumps and ship them back to you by UPS or FedEx.  To get started, all you need to do is ship the pumps to us. Our average turnaround time is 5-10 days and express service option is available.


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  • Medical Pumps , Best Sellers

    CME Bodyguard 323

    Bodyguard 323 infusion pumps offer multiple infusion options for patient therapy. These compact ambulatory pumps are capable of supporting Continuous, Intermittent, TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition), PCA (Patient Control Analgesia), and 25-Step therapy modes.

  • Medical Pumps , Ambulatory Pumps

    CME BodyGuard 545 Epidural

    The BodyGuard 545 Epidural Infusion Pump is a dedicated, colour-coded pain management system for epidural infusions, offering Dose Error Reduction System (DERS). It has a potential library of 26 protocols which can be set up to the patients needs or pain management speciality in the hospital or homecare environments.