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  • Medical Pumps , Syringe Pumps

    Baxter 150 XL

    The Baxter 150 XL Mini-Infuser is a battery-powered infusion pumps designed for controlled, intermittent drug delivery running from 10 to 20 psi. Ancillary sets for the Mini-Infuser are in limited stock, with the 61-inch pump only available until the end of the year and the 37-inch pump no longer available.

    Operator’s Manual

  • Medical Pumps , Syringe Pumps

    Baxter 300 XL

    The Baxter 300 XL is an RX battery operated syringe infusion pump with an active time scale and rate selector switch designed for the controlled rate delivery of small volume parental fluids as prescribed by a physician.


  • Medical Pumps , Syringe Pumps

    Baxter AS40A

    The Baxter AS40A has advanced programming capability, including variable occlusion sensitivity, automatic syringe size recognition, a Drug Library option with drug-specific infusion parameters stored in memory, and keypad lock. It can deliver continuously or can deliver a timed infusion of one or more equal doses according to a programmed schedule. It can program in ml/hr, units/hr, mg/minute, or mg/kg/minute with …

  • Medical Pumps , Best Sellers

    Baxter AS50

    The Auto Syringe AS50 Infusion Pump is designed to meet the fluid and drug delivery requirements of today’s changing clinical environment. It provides an accurate, continuous or intermittent infusion of intravenous solutions, drug solutions, whole blood, and packed red blood cells.

  • Medical Pumps , Best Sellers

    Baxter Flo-Gard 6201

    The Baxter 6201 is a Volumetric Infusion Pump that can deliver a wide variety of fluids over a broad range of infusion rates. Adepto Medical stocks, repairs and does PM on this pump.

  • Medical Pumps , Large Volume Pumps

    Baxter FloGard 6301

    The Baxter FloGard 6301 Dual Channel Volumetric Infusion Pump can deliver a wide variety of fluids over a broad range of infusion rates. 

  • Medical Pumps , Syringe Pumps

    Baxter Infus O.R.

    The Baxter (Bard) InfusOR is designed to aid the infusion of many intravenous agents during anesthetic procedures. The InfusOR is simple to use and drug delivery choices are easily selected and changed using front panel rotary switches.

  • Medical Pumps , Large Volume Pumps

    Baxter IPump

    The flexible IPump system is designed to help each patient become ambulatory as quickly as possible. Pain management can be tailored to both a patient’s individual needs as well as clinical priorities through a variety of convenient options.

  • Medical Pumps , Syringe Pumps

    Baxter PCA II

    The Baxter PCA II pump is a syringe infusion device capable of both continuous and intermittent infusion of parenteral fluids in a hospital setting. The Baxter PCA II Syringe Pump offers the convenience of safe and precise Patient Controlled Analgesia in a flexible system designed with advanced technology.

  • Medical Pumps , Large Volume Pumps

    Baxter Sabratek 3030

    The Baxter Sabratek 3030 Infusion Pump provides accurate, safe, and reliable volumetric delivery and can be used in both arterial and venous applications.

  • Medical Pumps , Ambulatory Pumps

    Sigma Spectrum

    The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System is redefining smart technology with Second Generation software to help prevent pump-related medication errors. The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System provides multiple error prevention systems along with bi-directional wireless communication and comprehensive log analysis software to create CQI reports. SIGMA Spectrum pump provides rapid, intuitive work-flow using a bright, easy to read color display and on-board …